From Forgotten To Fabulous!

Beauty Forgotten



I was in the thrift store, not looking for anything special, when I got stopped dead in my tracks!  I saw a four drawer dresser.  I believe it was English, because of the curves in her drawers.

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Once, a Very Classy Lady


It was bruised, battered, beaten, mistreated and unloved. I was determined to make this Old Gal special again.  I brought her home with me.  So began Our journey together to make her fabulous, loved, and cherished once again.  I knew with a little elbow grease, sweat, and some hard work, she stood a great possibility of being re-loved Once again. I love a good challenge, and I love refinishing furniture, so she was a prefect match for me. This old gal had some history, great details, and a bonus.  A slide that pulled out to make a writing desk. She had possibility of becoming fabulous.

The Transformation Begins


She needed to be completely sanded down, which we did with a sander, using 180 grit sandpaper first, then we moved to 220 grit to smooth her out.  She needed to be puttied.  We re-sanded again so I could make her drawers fronts nice and smooth.  She deserved this after all the abuse and neglect.

She needed to have her drawers clamped, re-glued, and re-straightened.  So her drawers would slide easily once again.  She was finally starting to look like the Classy Lady she once was.  I knew that she would be beautiful once again with a little more patience and time.


We cleaned her off from all the sanding dust and grime.  She was finally ready for her new makeover.

Ready for Paint

We did all these things to get her ready.  We then primed her and got her ready for a first coat of paint.  I decided to go with Worn White by Shabby Paints.  It’s one of the most difficult paint colors to paint with, but I wanted her to be Classy and have all her gorgeous details show.


She took three coats of paint, using a Zibra Synthetic Brush, which I let dry completely between coats.  I stood back and looked after the final coat and was pleasantly surprised by her appearance.  I wet sanded her down with 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper, to make her nice and smooth.  I wanted to add a little character and charm to her.  So I wet distressed her slightly.  I then sealed her bottom half in wax and buffed her to a beautiful shine.  I top coated her three times in General Finishes Satin, giving her a beautiful, mild shine on her top and a great top coat that was durable, and would last a for years to come.


I was thrilled with the outcome.  I hope you will be also.  Please leave me a comment below in hopes you love her like I do in all her beauty.

Thank you,

Passionate Painted Lady

From forgotten to FABULOUS

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