DIY On A Budget: Create That Perfect Shabby Chic Look

Create the look you love

Have a piece of furniture calling to you? But don’t know where to start? Let’s make this fun. grab that piece , and let’s go. Prep is key here. The piece has to be sanded and cleaned in order to achieve a great finish.  I explained this process in an earlier post, which you can find here.  I remove all hardware.


 Supplies Needed

  • Quart of chalky style paint (your choice)
  • Brush (I prefer the Cling-on S-50)
  • 2 Lint free towels
  • Can of clear wax (your choice)
  • 180 Grit sand paper
  • Wax brush
  • Satin clear top coat
  • High density sponge or foam brush
  • 600 or 800 Grit wet/dry sand paper
  • Container for water
  •  Paper or Styrofoam bowl

Let’s Create 3A18AF9A-8B35-402C-B562-9EE4551F3F04.png

Now that your piece is cleaned and prepped the creative process can begin.  I paint from the top down. Grab your brush and let’s get started.  Paint in long even strokes.  Don’t worry too much first coat, this is what I call a scratch coat.  Yep, it’s not pretty.  No worries.  The second coat will make it look better.  I allow paint to dry for 24 hours, but 3 or 4 hours is good.  Once dry, apply the second coat.  Some pieces take 3 coats, especially whites.  Please allow drying time between each coat.  I get it you want it done, but your patience will pay off.

Finishing touches  6FDEA9EC-96E0-49E9-A7D1-2F96F4BFE887.png

I prefer my pieces smooth.  Chalky style paints are very pourus.  It has a feeling like chalk.  I grab a container half full of water and 600 grit sandpaper wet/dry sand paper.  Dip the sandpaper in water and lightly sand the roughness down.  This is just my preference, but if you like your piece with this textured feeling, please skip this step.  I dry any water left behind with a lint free cloth.  Then just to make sure, I allow piece to completely air dry for about an hour.

Now, I grab my wax brush and wax all of the painted areas, except the top.  I allow the wax to dry.  In the meantime while wax is drying, I  grab my top coat and pour it into a paper bowl.  About an inch of product and grab your high density sponge.  Place your sponge in the bowl and slide along sides, wiping the excess off.

I prefer to start start in middle and make a forward stoke. Coming back and forth until the top is covered evenly.  Do not over work!  Any areas not covered you will get on your second coat.  Apply a second coat once the first has dried completely.  Buff the wax with a lint free cloth.  Allow the piece to dry completely.  Put your hardware back on your piece and move to the last step.

Added Touches B38E33DE-6BFB-4B3E-AA8A-3DA3ADA6DFBA.png

Stand back and be proud!  You did it!  Way to go!

If you want to add a little more, we call them embellishments, now is the time.  You can add dark or colored waxes.  You can add gliding waxes.  It’s your piece.  Make it your own.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Hope this was a help. If you could please leave me a comment on what you would like to read about.  Thank you, and don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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