About Me


Who Is Annie Sprinkles?

Hi, welcome to my page, my journey, and my passion. My name is Anne Eppler, but my husband has always had the pet name “Annie Sprinkles” for me and it kind of stuck, so that is what I go by.

I am a Mother, Wife, Mom-Mom, a creative, a Junker, Upcycler, DIYer, Furniture Painter, Artist, Encourager of Creatives, Sister, Friend, and a Gypsy at heart. Whew! That’s a lot of hats, but I wear them well and proudly. I have always been a free spirited soul. I love junking, picking, art, craftsmanship, dumpster-diving, and unusual and different things.
My love of antiquing, and vintage and strange things started as a child at a very young age. My father, George, was the local Junkman. He did clean outs and scrap metal removing (before recycling was cool). He would bring home many different, unique and unusual things that I just adored and thought of as my own personal treasures.

Why Passionate Painted Lady

My painting journey began when I lost my hero, my first love-my dad in 2014. I was lost and devastated. I prayed and asked the good Lord to show me beauty again. For some reason that path lead straight to painting furniture.
So began the journey, in my living room. Yes, in my living room. It quickly became my passion. My peace of mind. My beauty in my soul. Hence, I became known as “Passionate Painted Lady”. And it has become something I never would have dreamed possible.

Looking to the future

I have had ups and downs, ins and outs. But I also have had support and love from my husband, Barry, the backbone I needed. I also have gotten support and kindness (listening to all of my craziness) from my family and friends. Especially Tina, of Olde Made New, and my friend Kimberly, who is my biggest fan and supporter.

My furniture has been featured by Wise Owl, Dixie Belle Paint Company, Paint Couture, and Shabby Paints. I have used several different brands. Stay tuned and be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see what my favorite is! I also had a feature article written about me for Home and Garden Design Ideas. I have linked everything so you just have to click the bolded sections to get there.
I thank you for your love, support and hope you continue to follow my work, my art, my passion, and my journey!
Annie Sprinkles, Passionate Painted Lady