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DIY Rustic Farmhouse Basket Decor

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Creative, Thrifty and Space Saving Ideas

Do you love the farmhouse style decor as much as me? Some decor items can be a little pricey. If you’re creative and thrifty you came to the right place. Being creative, crafty and thrifty is my thing. Needing something in my kitchen for holding items and fruits without taking up a lot of space is what  I was looking for. Having a small kitchen my counter space is limited. If I could make something for saving space and holding a number of items that would be even better.  This post contains affiliate links. using these links will not change the price you pay for any products. I make a very small percentage when you purchase, which helps me to keep bringing you great tutorials and posts. I only promote products that I use and personally believe in.

Supply List

The Plan Is Coming Together

I wanted something to hang on my kitchen wall.  Having an idea in mind, I  wanted to see what I  could come up with. One of my favorite stores is The Dollar store. Like everyone else, I find quite a few budget-friendly items there. While there I noticed some wire looking square baskets. Baskets scream farmhouse. Baskets hold things right? Could these baskets be the answer? My mind was thinking, ” Could  I make something with them ?” Deciding on a plan  I purchased six. Thinking I  had an idea that just might work. Now to put it to the test.

I needed something to hold these together and sturdy enough to hang on my wall while holding some weight. Home Depot was my next stop.  That would definitely be a good place to start. Taking a basket in with me wanting to make sure that I would get the proper amount of supplies needed. I purchase 2 boards I call them firing strips. Planing in my head to cut these down would work perfectly. Next, I needed something to attach the baskets to the boards so I purchased two packs of screw hooks. These would definitely secure the baskets to the boards.

Excitement and Plans Pay Off

Once home I couldn’t wait to get started.   Grabbing my saber saw and going to the backyard I  began to figure out what I height I needed. Laying the boards down on my picnic table. Using a tape measure to figure out the length I needed was at least twenty-four inches in length. I marked off with a piece of chalk. Figuring out I needed at least four boards across. This way the baskets would work nicely. Now to figure out what I needed to keep them together?  I measured and marked off two eight-inch boards.  I cut the boards with the saw. Perfect I could use the two, eight-inch boards to tie it all together.

I placed the Four twenty four inch boards side by side. One last time I measured with baskets making sure everything would work together. Yep, it was going to work perfectly. Placing the two eight-inch boards across the others. I screwed them down with the wood screws. I made sure all four boards had a wood screw in it. Doing so I knew this would prevent it from falling apart. Happy with the results,  I  turn it over, I took my baskets place them on the board.  I marked off in chalk where I wanted the hooks to be. I screwed the six hooks into place. Taking the baskets one final time placing them in the hooks to make sure it was going to work. They slid in perfectly.

Creating that Rustic Farmhouse Look

Now to create that Farmhouse look I was going for with a little paint. Wanting a rustic farmhouse look. I decided on three colors, all were Dixie Belle colors Fluff, Caviar, and Sawmill Gravy. I got a 3-inch chip brush, I decided on a dry brushing technique ( meaning very little paint on the brush). I dipped my brush into the Fluff paint. Just bearly touching the paint. I wiped off most of the paint on a paper towel. I  started painting in long forward strokes. Repeating that process until finished. Painting hooks and all. You don’t want a solid finish. You want to leave some of the wood showing.

I dipped my brush in a cup filled with water and swish it around. I cleaned my brush off with a paper towel making sure to pull excess water out. I waited a few minutes allowing white paint to dry. I then applied the Sawmill Gravy paint. Using the same technique as before with very little paint on my brush. I painted again in long strokes leaving some of the wood showing.  I was going for that rustic look. Layering the paint where I wanted it.  I once again swished my brush in the water to clean off. I used a paper towel to pull the excess water out again.  I wanted very little paint on my brush this time. Caviar is a strong color it’s a rich true black so less is best. You can always apply more later to get the look you want. Using the black paint I dry brushed very lightly. Just enough to highlight. Loving what I was seeing when finally done. I was getting that Rustic Farmhouse Charm and getting a great space-saving design for my home.

Finishing Touches

Flipping over I  screwed in two picture hangers. One on each side on top of cross-board.  You can do this step before painting if you prefer. I flipped it over again putting the top basket on first and working my way down. Once I got all three lined up I was really happy with the way things went. I was proud of myself for figuring this out. It’s a fun and budget-friendly project. The fact I ould store many items in a small area was an added bonus.  Being thrilled with the end results. Not only could I use these in my kitchen but other areas in my home as well. I love creating and inspiring others. Please kindly leave me a comment below. I hope you are enjoying my journey. You can also follow me on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram I  would love that.

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