Supply List
Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
Dollar Store pumpkin wooden cut out
Orange paint
White paint
Brown paint
Paper towel
Metallic wax (color choice)
3 inch chip brush
2 inch chip brush
Silicon molds (choice)
2 small artist paint brushes

DIY Glue Gun Mold Pumpkins
As you already know I love to create. I easily get inspired. I was cruising the dollar store and notice they had their fall decor out. I love fall such a colorful time of year. I picked up two wooden pumpkin cutouts. I had glue gun molds left over from another project. So I challenge myself to see what I could come up with.69092790_1694763327325017_6602498111396904960_n
I had the paint. I had the molds. So why not? I placed my molds on the pumpkin to create a design I liked. I glued them down with glue gun. Pressed firmly until I knew they were in place . I used a 3 inch chip brush to paint the pumpkin. You might have to dab a bit because of the texture. I allowed it to dry.69414167_746289775825470_2529161710669922304_n
I then used a 2 inch chip brush to dip ever so slightly into the white paint.This is know as dry brushing. I dried brushed all the raised details.Was I surprised, it was starting to change. I was getting the look I was going for. I used a small artist brush next, I dipped it into the brown paint to paint the stem area.i wiped by the stem area with a paper towel to let the wood grain show thur. I used another small artist brush to paint the leaf I created out of a mold.
I was happy with the results. I then used a copper metallic wax to highlight the raised areas. Boy was I surprised how nice this pumpkin was shaping up.I used a buffalo check ribbon to make a bow. Who doesn’t like buffalo checks? I wanted a little extra pop of color and added a smaller ribbon with a pumpkin print. I was happy with the end result. What do you think ? Please feel free to comment below I would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you and please signup to receive my latest blogs and tips.20190825_162429