Ugly Dresser to Beautiful Upcycled Coffee Bar

Supply List

Dixie Belle 16 oz. Antebellum Blue Paint 

Dixie Belle Black Wax

Dixie Belle Clear Wax 

3 inch Artist Brush

220 grit sandpaper

F150 Clingon Brush

Dixie Belle Satin Top Coat

Dixie Belle blue Sponge

Dixie Belle White Lighting Clean

Lint free towel 



DIY Upcycled Ugly Duckling Coffee Bar

I love to repurposed old and unwanted furniture. I was in the Goodwill when I came across the ugliest dresser I’ve ever seen. The unusual hardware caught my attention. I stepped closer and noticed the wood was quartersawn. She was UGLY but could I make her beautiful again? 

The possibilities ran threw my mind. Plus she was $7.50. I never made a coffee bar before so why not try? I got her home removed her drawers.Their were tracks in that that had to be removed.Otherwise than that she just needed a good cleaning with white lighting and a scuff with 220 grit sandpaper.

I choose a gorgeous color Antebellum Blue.I gave her 2 coats of this paint. Letting the coats dry completely in between. Wow she was shaping up nicely  to my surprise. After fully dried I applied a clear wax ,buffed and applied some black wax to the top,It added so much richness and depth to this piece. I did the same thing on the sides,but this time I shaded it in.Wow she was beautiful. 

Happy with the results, I used black spray paint on the hardware. Boy, my ugly duckling was turning into Swan right before my eyes, I buffed the piece with a lint free towel .I applied 3 coats of satin top coat, letting dry between each coat, using the blue sponge.

My ugly duckling became the beautiful Swan I knew she could be.What do you think? Please feel free to leave a comment below and follow my journey on Facebook,Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. You can also sign up to my email list to receive my latest blogs and tips.