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DIY Coffee Mug Decorating

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Diy coffee mug decorating using Dixie Bella paints

Mug Decorating Made Easy

Needing a new updated look for my coffee bar I wanted to create an easy DIY coffee mug decorating idea. Being creative, it’s hard to shut your mind down because you are always coming up with new ideas. The simplest thing sends my mind racing. Such as the case with wanting some new mugs to help decorate my coffee bar.  Everyone has cute mugs for their coffee in the mornings. Me, I wanted to create something different. Something that would make my heart sing the first thing in the morning to get my day started on a good note.Something that would make me smile. You know that something special that no one else has. Something with glitter. I love glitter it makes me happy. Me, I love a good DIY. So with that said, I decided to do an easy DIY of my own. Starting with my cute Christmas mugs. Decorating is my thing I love to change things up. Especially using things I already have.

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Supply List

supplies needed

Upcycle and Thrifty

Having two cute mugs leftover from the Christmas season I thought I’d start there first. Why buy new if I could possibly re-do like I said: ” I love a good easy DIY”. Loving to decorate and update things around the house, I try and use things I already have. It’s fun and cost-effective. Luckily I had a Christmas bear and a snowman from the dollar store. They were nothing special but I
wanted to make them glamorous and high-end looking. Wanting something sparkly and new to get that fabulous boutique look. If I could pull an easy DIY off they could possibly hang around till the spring. All they really needed was a little paint and some glitter. Trying to be thrifty and creative I was going to try to make this idea work.  Glitter and sparkle for a new updated boutique look
was the plan I was going for. Willing to put this idea to the test I began planning. Never painting on mugs before I was hoping this would turn out.

Getting My Creativeness On

I decided on two beautiful colors from Dixie Belle, Soft Pink, and Sea Glass. Soft Pink is a delicate pink color, Sea Glass is a gorgeous soft blue turquoise. I knew this paint had great coverage and worked on the glass that’s why I choose this brand.
After all, snowmen can be any color. In this case, perhaps I should say snowwomen. The bear would look adorable in a beautiful soft teal color. When I think bear I think polar bear. Polar bear I think cold. Cold I think ice. That’s why I choose this color. See how my mind works. Now I had the color choices all I needed was matching glitter. Which I knew I had in my craft stash. My new easy DIY decorating coffee mugs were coming together.

Adding A Little Bit of Paint and Some Imagination

Loving the colors I choose. I knew they would work perfectly. Anxious to begin I used mod podge as a primer painting thin layers with a small paintbrush to the areas I was going to paint. Why did I do this? Because glass is glossy and slippery I wanted the paint to stick and last not chip off easily. It acts as a bonder allowing the paint to grip and adhere easier. Allowing the mod podge to dry thoroughly before painting. The drying time took approximately fifteen to twenty minutes. Once dried I painted the areas where I applied the mod podge in the Soft Pink color. It immediately changed into the cutest snowman I ever seen. Perfect color choice for this now adorable snowman. The bear I did the same process only using the Sea Glass color. Both mugs were so adorable and I didn’t apply the glitter yet. Allowing both to dry thoroughly approximately twenty to thirty minutes before I went to the next step. I was excited but in this case, patients would pay off I waited till the paint dried thoroughly. I wanted to make sure this DIY was going to be a success.

Loving The Added Touches of Glitter

Once dried completely, I wanted to add the glitter next. I couldn’t wait to get this last step
done. Grabbing a paper plate and glitter, then placing the paper plate under the mug. Knowing glitter
can be messy and using glitter many times before, this step would save me clean up time and allow me to pour the excess glitter back into its container easily and reuse again by simply folding paper plate in half. Knowing that the paint had to be wet in order for the glitter to stick properly, I started painting the areas again, only this time in small sections approximately one to two inches to keep it wet.
While the paint was wet I sprinkled glitter as evenly as possible making sure it stuck. knocking off the excess glitter by gently tapping the mug. Then I moved carefully to the next area, repeating the process until the whole mug was covered in glitter in the areas I wanted. I also did this same process to the bear only difference was the glitter was a different color. You can do this to any mug you choose. With any color you love. These were done for decorative purposes only. With no intention of drinking out of. Wanting these for my coffee bar to give it an added decorative and personal touch. To my surprise, the mugs turned out better than I thought. They looked like they came
from an upscale high-end boutique. My easy DIY decorating was a hit. Allowing these too dry for twenty-four hours before I placed them on my now newly decorated coffee bar. But now I got another idea yep, please check out my next blog because I going to tell you how to kick these beautiful mugs up a notch by creating faux Whipped Cream. So please make sure to sign up
for my email you’re not going to want to miss this. I hope you like my easy DIY coffee mugs decorating tips and will find them useful.

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  1. Adriane says

    I bought mod podge for a classroom party and haven’t used it since. Such a great way to put it to use. I would have never thought of recreating a mug! We just built a brand new coffee bar so adding a little sparkle to it may be what it needs…Thanks!

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