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Farmhouse Pumpkin! An Easy DIY Dollar Tree

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Farmhouse Pumpkin To The Rescue

As you may or may not know, I love to create. I was inspired by the things I see around me. I love creating unique and beautiful decor for my home. Like most, I love fall and all of the beautiful colors the season brings with it. Like most of the planet, I love farmhouse home decor. I LOVE PUMPKINS! I enjoy changing my decor with the seasons, constantly looking for new and different ways to update my decor. Dollar Tree offers affordable items. It’s such a great place to look for ideas. I was cruising the dollar store a few weeks ago and I noticed they had their fall decor out. As I said, I love fall because it is such a colorful time of year. Then, it came to me. Farmhouse Pumpkin!

This easy DIY Dollar Tree farmhouse pumpkin was so much fun to create!


Supply List

  1. Glue Gun
  2. Glue Sticks
  3. Dollar Store pumpkin wooden cut-out
  4. Paper towel
  5. Dixie Belle’s Coffee Bean
  6. Metallics wax (color choice)
  7. 3-inch chip brush
  8. 2-inch chip brush
  9. Silicon molds (choice)
  10. Dixie Belle’s Florida Orange
  11. 2 small artist paint brushes
  12. Dixie Belle’s Fluff
  13. Buffalo Check 3 inch Ribbon
  14.  Dollar Tree Pumpkin Ribbon small
  15. Wire
  16. Pliers

This post contains affiliate links.  Purchasing through these links does not change your cost for these great products!  I do get a very small percentage when you purchase, which just helps me to keep bringing you fabulous projects.


 Found My Inspiration For My Farmhouse Pumpkin

I knew I needed something that would sit on a shelf. It had to definitely have color and texture. Dollar Tree has a lot to offer, so my mind was in overdrive! I snagged up two wooden pumpkin cutouts.  I figured I could make them work for a farmhouse pumpkin. In my mind, I was already dreaming up my farmhouse pumpkin!! I absolutely wanted to add buffalo check. After all, buffalo check screams farmhouse! We had floral glue gun molds leftover from another project sitting at home. They would certainly give me the texture I wanted. So, I challenged myself to see what I could come up with next!

This farmhouse pumpkin came to life with Dixie Belle Florida Orange!

I had Dixie Belle Paint Company’s Florida Orange in my paint stock, which is the perfect color for a pumpkin and molds. When I returned home, I went straight for the molds to see how many I had. I couldn’t wait to see how it turned out! Placing my molds on the pumpkin, I started heating up my glue gun. I placed a small dab of hot glue on the reverse side of the molds, pressing them down firmly with my fingers to make sure they were secure. Once the molds were secure, I used a three-inch chip brush to paint the pumpkin orange. I decided on Florida Orange because it’s lush and the perfect color to create my farmhouse pumpkin. You might have to dab a bit in between because of the texture of the molds, to make sure you get in between all the raised areas. Then allow it to dry for approximately fifteen minutes.

Painting the base coat on this farmhouse pumpkin with a chip brush was perfect. Don't use high end brushes on DIY projects.

It’s All About The Details

My farmhouse pumpkin still needed extra depth and dimension because the molds are so detailed and pretty. Too easy…I decided to dry brush some white paint on my farmhouse pumpkin.  With a two-inch chip brush, I dipped ever so slightly into my Dixie Belle’s Fluff. I then wiped most of the paint off with a paper towel. Using the paint left on the brush, I brushed all the raised details barely touching the molds. You can always add more paint if you want a little more of a dramatic effect. But boy was I surprised!  It was looking farmhouse chic and textured.

Dry brushing is a tried and true technique to highlight details, just like I did on this farmhouse pumpkin.

I created a leaf with a larger mold. You can cut your molds with scissors to make it fit perfectly.  Then, with a small artist brush, I dipped into green paint to paint the stem area. Letting the green dry completely, I swished my brush into the water. I cleaned it and used a paper towel to rid the brush of excess water.

Top off your farmhouse pumpkin with a leaf.

Next, using Dixie Belle’s Coffee Bean, I brushed the stem then wiped it right back with a paper towel to let the wood grain show through.  After all, pumpkins have a woody stem. After the stem was dry, I glued the leaf down securely, pressing down slightly to get a snug fit.

I was happy with the results so far, but it still needed a little something extra. So, I decided on a copper metallic wax to highlight the raised areas. I gently dipped only my fingertips into the wax. I rubbed the metallic wax on and applied it here and there until I was satisfied. Wow, was I surprised how nice this pumpkin was shaping up!

Top off your farmhouse pumpkin with a stem.

Tying My Farmhouse Pumpkin Off With A Bow

To pull that farmhouse look together, I chose a buffalo check ribbon.  This would tie the look together nicely! Who doesn’t like buffalo checks? Definitely farmhouse! I tied a bow and wrapped the wire around it, making sure there was extra wire because I knew I needed to tie it to the stem. It’s a lot easier to secure it when you have a little bit of extra material. I added a smaller bow with a pumpkin pattern, just for a little pop of color. I wrapped that with wire too, making sure I was allowing for extra wire.

Now, I just needed to tie both ribbons together with the wire I used to make the bows. Leave the extra wire on the underside. I fluffed out the bows a little bit to get the look I wanted. Placing the bow securely onto the stem using the wire, I then twisted it securely onto the stem. Just cut the excess off using a pair of needle-nose pliers. Then, I tucked the sharp ends under, making sure that they wouldn’t show and no one would get hurt if they handled the pumpkin.

Adding a simple bow helps pull any DIY project together, just like on my farmhouse pumpkin.

The end result is thrilling! I have the farmhouse pumpkin I envisioned! What do you think?

Please comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts. Is it unique? Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions. I would love to hear from you. You can also feel free to follow me on Pinterest, Twitter, or Instagram.

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